I am not a person with a disabiltiy, I am a disabled person, the disabling of me is not something passive I carry with me, it is violence enacted against me making me disabled

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feeling cute today which is a nice thing because nothing else feels good and the past week i’ve been struggling with more dysphoria than usual on top of everything else

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shut the fuck up how are you real LITERALLY A TRU GODDESS LIVING AMONGST US

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taking so many selfies my wrist, shoulder and arm hurt. self love the disabled way.

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dear fellow white people I know it’s difficult but please stop saying bae and yas

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aave appropriation anti blackness


oh my god oh my god this norwegian newspaper article is so important *-*

Interview with genderqueer Kristin Fridtun in a total 5 pages on gender and gender identity. Vocabulary on different terms (not completely without issues but they tried) and introduction to neutral pronouns (which they correctly use through the whole interview ;w;)

Norway is so far behind on transgender-related everything that this made me really happy and a bit overwhelmed right now ;3;

For anyone interested the issue is Morgenbladet Nr.34 / 29.August - 4.September 2014.

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Saturday morning, over 1,000 people march for justice for Michael Brown. 

August 30th.

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Chronic illness has this way of taking away your ability to earn money while simultaneously costing you a whole lot more money. Lovely.

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fatigued and in pain, so lying in bed and listening to binaural ASMR videos all day. more brain tingles and fuzz please.

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chronic illness fibromyalgia im in love with this YouTube channel