It is okay to need validation and vocal reassurance from other people. You should not be expected to face mental illness alone and you should not feel bad for needing support from others. You are loved and you are great

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took some photos of beautiful puppy Storm today.

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i’m doing so bad today it’s ridic

30 Jul

finally long enough hair for big curls. i’m also falling hard for pink hair.

finally long enough hair for big curls. i’m also falling hard for pink hair.

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lying in bed struggling to stay awake because I need to sleep tonight (it’s only 18:30) since I’m getting an EEG tomorrow morning. things are suddenly not so good. no energy, no want to do anything. just blah.

27 Jul
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outdoor buddies

27 Jul
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Why shouldn't I say trans*?


Using the asterisk after trans* seems inclusive until you actually look at its history and what trans women and nonbinary people are saying about it. Here are some links about the nonbinary erasure and transmisogyny.

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Help transgender Callie and Jamie go home safe


We are stranded 5,000km away from home. Our airline canceled our tickets. We have no way to go home. We need your help.

We are in dire need to return home immediately to formalize our stay in a country where we won’t get murdered for our identities. We need 400 euros/315 pounds/530 dollars to purchase a ticket that will get us there.

Read more and know how to help here. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND HELP WITH ANYTHING YOU CAN!

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needed to get out of the basement and I wanted to walk a little longer than around the neighborhood so I walked to my aunts house. no one is home so I snuck into the backyard and picked tiny apples.

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bought over 9kg watermelon πŸ‰ πŸ‰

bought over 9kg watermelon πŸ‰ πŸ‰

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